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Altitude (formerly CI Removals)

Altitude provide passenger and freight services to both Christmas and Cocos Islands. Linked to the Virgin plane, there are locally based staff available to assist with questions and queries while on island. [IOTCocosKeelingIslandSearchKey][IOTChristmasIslandSearchKey][IOTBothLocationSearchKey]

BM Refrigeration

BM Refrigeration is an on-island based fridge and freezer technician; available for servicing, repairs, maintenance and parts. Specialising in services across both West and Home Island.[IOTCocosKeelingIslandSearchKey]

CKI Port Authority

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands Port, Rumah Baru, is managed by LINX Cargo Care Group. Linx handles all port enquiries including ferry timetables, ship scheduling, small vessel refuelling, infrastructure and machinery.[IOTCocosKeelingIslandSearchKey]

Cocos Accommodation

Cocos Accommodation are the booking agents and managers of 3 of Cocos' premier choices for tourist accommodation: Cocos Castaway, Cocos Homestead and My Island Home. [IOTCocosKeelingIslandSearchKey]

Cocos Autos

Cocos Autos is able to provide cars for hire, mechanical and boat repairs, battery and tyre sales, quality air-conditioning split systems and is an authorised Shell Oil distributor.[IOTCocosKeelingIslandSearchKey]
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