Category: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

BM Refrigeration

BM Refrigeration is an on-island based fridge and freezer technician; available for servicing, repairs, maintenance and parts. Specialising in services across both West and Home Island.[IOTCocosKeelingIslandSearchKey]

CI Reefer Services

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Sale, Service and Installations.[IOTChristmasIslandSearchKey]

Cocos General Agencies

Cocos General Agencies provides commercial cleaning, gardening and lawn maintenance, plant operation, whitegoods supply and repair, NG/LPG installation and repair, property maintenance and air-conditioning installation[IOTCocosKeelingIslandSearchKey]

Force Air-conditioning

All air-conditioning and refrigeration including services, maintenance, repairs, installation, consulting and commissioning. [IOTChristmasIslandSearchKey]

Indian Ocean Air Conditioning

Air-conditioning mechanic. [IOTChristmasIslandSearchKey]

PATS Air-conditioning

Pat has a team of workers to provide air-conditioning and refrigeration services. [IOTChristmasIslandSearchKey]