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Christmas Island Charities

Volunteers operate the Airport Kiosk. Funds are donated to local charities and to mainland hospitals. [IOTChristmasIslandSearchKey]

Christmas Island Chinese Literary Association

CLA is a non profit organisation that organises a variety of cultural events throughout the year. [IOTChristmasIslandSearchKey]

Christmas Island Community Resource Centre

The CI CRC strives to identify and fill in ‘gap areas’ within Christmas Island in the areas of; GOVERNMENT, BUSINESS and COMMUNITY. Centre opens Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 2:00pm. [IOTChristmasIslandSearchKey]

Christmas Island Men’s Shed

A Men's Shed is a community-based, non-commercial organisation that is open to men. It is inclusive and safe, and promote the health and wellbeing of the Men's Shed members. [IOTChristmasIslandSearchKey]

Christmas Island Volunteer Marine Rescue

The volunteer marine rescue team operates radios throughout the weekend to ensure safety of all local vessels on the open waters. They are able to assist with rescue and search of boats if required. [IOTChristmasIslandSearchKey]

CI Community Resource Centre

Located in the heart of the residential areas of Christmas Island, the Centre is open to the public for general business 8am to 2pm Mondays to Fridays, Christmas Island time. The Centre provides information to link you with the local community and local services and is the hub for Goverment Information Access. Some of our services and programs include internet and printing, BE CONNECTED program, equipment for hire and video Conference facility. [IOTChristmasIslandSearchKey]    

Cocos (K) Islands Community Resource Centre

The Cocos Keeling Islands Community Resource Centre has been operating since 2002, providing services to local businesses, residents and visitors to our wonderful Islands. [IOTCocosKeelingIslandSearchKey]
PO Box 1039 | Administration Building | Cocos (K) Islands WA 6799

Cocos Islands Cooperative Society (Cocos Co-Op)

The Cocos Co-Op provides a range of services for the businesses and residents of the Cocos Keeling Islands. These services are listed separately and include logistics, hospitality, retail, and special contract services[IOTCocosKeelingIslandSearchKey]
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